All-in-One laser

All-in-One laser

for dentistry with 7 key applications: Surgery, implants, coagulation, perio, endo, whitening and pain therapy LLLT.

DentaLase 5w 810 nm Laser

All our laser cases are made from special aluminum light steel for 100% EMC protection.
Affordable, profitable diamond cut diode laser. It pays to advertise the fact that you offer laser treatment.
Replaces three instruments in the vast majority of cases: the scalpel and the electrosurgery unit as well as retraction cord.
Used by dentists including Orthodontists, Periodontists, Endodontists, Implantologists and Hygienists.
Comes complete with all the accessories & training from BILD including the All-in-One handpiece.
Whitening prism & Therapy prism attachments.



Laser diode 5 W, 810 nm
Increasingly used in dental clinics, the laser is a significant addition to dental practice. With QUICKELASE, EKLER offers you a versatile laser.
This wavelength is particularly suited to coagulation.
The diode laser is ideally suited for soft tissue treatments because they are very well absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin, both of which are predominant in soft tissue. This gives the laser diode a precise cutting, coagulation, excision and vaporization capacity of the target tissue with less trauma, better and quicker post-operative.
Because of its ease of use and versatility in soft tissue processing, QUICKLASE becomes the soft tissue handpiece in the arsenal of dental surgeons. The dental surgeon can use the diode laser to excise, refine and reshape soft tissue, with as much ease as a handpiece on enamel and dentin. But not only. The sterilizing effect of laser light offers several applications in dental practice: endodontology, periodontology, implantology, frenectomy, etc.
The use of a high intensity light source such as laser, by increasing the temperature of H2O2, favors the chemical lightening of the teeth. A bleaching kit is available in the standard configuration.



Size : L 16 cm x H 13 cm x l 16 cm

Weight: 1,6 kg

Medium: GaAlAs Laser Diode Class IV

Wavelengt: 810 și 980 +- 10 nm

Pulse Wilih : 50ms, 30ms, 10ms & custom

Continuous wave or pulsed at 10,20,50Hz & adjustable up to 25000Hz l

Touch screen

12 pre-set and manual procedures

6 languages

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