All-in-one laser

Laser 12w

Combined diode laser 810 and 980nm 12W.


Introducing the new 12w 4th generation All-in-One laser with a large 4″ colour screen allowing for ease of use and functionality. The 12w Dual laser comes with both 810nm and 980nm adjustable wavelengths for better ablation and coagulation.

7 key applications: Surgery, implants, coagulation, perio, endo, whitening and pain therapy LLLT. 20 multi-languages presets procedures including pictorials and help screens.


Combined diode laser 810 and 980nm 12W

Increasingly used in dental clinics, the laser is a significant addition to dental practice. With QUICKELASE, EKLER offers you a versatile laser. The QUICKLASE combined 810 and 980nm 12W is a product very different from these competitors. The simultaneous use of the two wavelengths coupled in the same fiber offers unsurpassed performance.
These wavelengths are ideally suited for soft tissue treatments because they are very well absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin, both of which are predominant in soft tissue. This gives the laser diode a precise cutting, coagulation, excision and vaporization capacity of the target tissue with less trauma, better and quicker post-operative healing.
Because of its ease of use and versatility in soft tissue processing, QUICKLASE becomes the soft tissue handpiece in the arsenal of dental surgeons. The dental surgeon can use the diode laser to excise, refine and reshape soft tissue, with as much ease as a handpiece on enamel and dentin. But not only. The sterilizing effect of laser light offers several applications in dental practice: endodontology, periodontology, implantology, frenectomy, etc.
The use of a high intensity light source such as laser, by increasing the temperature of H2O2, favors the chemical lightening of the teeth. A bleaching kit is available in the standard configuration.



Quicklase provides undeniable benefits

precision and finesse of cutting, with minimally invasive interventions

Immediate coagulation: no bleeding, better visibility of the surgical field, no inflammation, less trauma

accelerated scarring

no or less anesthesia, almost painless

bio stimulation, treatment of pain

In short, the laser brings together a multitude of advantages that the usual methods can not offer. The unmatched comfort resulting from this technique is undoubtedly the aspect that delights your customers. Now, children and adults will no longer have to fear the discomfort experienced during treatment.



  • Size w:16cm h:13cm d:16cm (6.3″ x 5.1″ x 6.3″)
  • Weight 1.6kg (3.5 lb)
  • Medium GaAlAs Laser Diode Class IV
  • Wavelength 810 and 980 +- 10 nm (nanometres)
  • Output Power 0.1-12.0 watt at the fibre tip
  • Operation Continuous wave or pulsed at 10, 20, 50Hz & adjustable up to 20000 Hz
  • Pulse Width 50ms, 30ms, 10ms & custom
  • Fibre Optic FC 200-400um single file multi-mode
  • Aiming Beam 650 nm red Diode laser 2 mW max – adjustable
  • Sterilization Handpiece
  • Input Power AC: 100 to 240v, 1amp 47-63Hz DC: 5.1v 10amp

Comes complete with …

  • 3m fibre cable l
  • 2 safety glasses & 1 for patient l
  • fibre cable stripper l
  • fibre cable ruby cleaver l
  • autoclavable all-in-One hand piece l
  • 25 disposable guiding tips l
  • Whitening & Therapy prisms LLLT l
  • foot pedal l
  • power charger & lead l
  • DVD l
  • laser caution label l
  • setup instruction procedure l
  • manual & online training printouts l
  • laser training certificate l
  • marketing posters and patient leaflets l
  • special carrying laser case l

Associated Consumables

  • Fibre cable 200-400um single file multi-mode l
  • Disposable plastic tips – qty of 25 tips per bag l
  • All-in-One handpiece / foot pedal / glasses l
  • QuickWhite in-surgery l
  • Home whitening l
  • BioStimulation/Bleaching Handpiece l
  • Protective hand held Shield l

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