Elio SD40

LED Surgery Lighting with integrated Camera!


reinvents the new generation of dental surgery lighting.

Elio HD60

ELIO takes you in a new dimension: the one of communication.

This innovative concept allies a unique design, a high-performance lighting LED and a camera of an exceptional quality of image.

Distinguished by its ergonomics, its aesthetics, ELIO is a concentrated of technology which will accompany you during your most complex interventions. It is the attention carried on the details that makes ELIO an authentic EKLER product.



– unit axes 35 mm
– unit axes 30 mm
– unit axes 28 mm
– unit axes 25 mm
– ceiling
– ceiling with column
– ceiling with column and monitor arm
– mobile

Mobile arm length

– standard
– long arm 170 cm


– with pedal
– without pedal

Third axis

– with third axis
– without third axis

Video converter usb

– without video converter usb
– with video converter usb for pc
– with video converter usb for mac

Software for video capture

– with software
– without software

Design and light

A design which goes beyond the style
Gathering perfectly the ergonomics and the performances, this original set can be installed in the place of any other lighting and on any kind of equipment.

ELIO offers multiple advantages with regard to the conventional lightings with halogen bulbs or LED.

ELIO is not only a very successful dental lighting but also a real communications tool. The integrated, very high-resolution camera and its autofocus, allows you all the time and without additional manipulation to communicate with your patient, your colleagues or your partners.

Without heat and noiselessly, the head ELIO is completely tight for an optimal asepsis. By simple rotation you can obtain all the possible positions on three axes. The removable handles can be positioned according to the wishes of the user.

Are you ready to see differently?

Welcome to the light
The peculiarity of the activity of the dental practitioner consists of the observation of details in a reduced and little accessible operative field. This vision of details requires a level of illumination raised to assure the best visual performances and reduce the tiredness. Like a LED Lighting of very high yield, ELIO offers not less than 55.000 LUXES in your field of vision. With its daylight (natural white, color temperature included between 6300°K and 6500°K) and without any carried shadow, ELIO creates the perfect conditions of the visual comfort by offering you a uniform light in your daily practice.

A light with variable intensity

Amazing pictures

A multitude of applications, necessarily yours.
Symbol of innovation, the high-resolution camera is scheduled to work in a completely autonomous way. The practitioner concentrates on his intervention and the camera makes the following: Autofocus, big depth of field, automatic white and colours balance, an optic specially developed for the dental practice are such a guarantee for an exceptional quality of picture. Aligned right in the center of the bright field, the camera doesn’t require any other regulation.
By means of the wireless pedal the practitioner has the possibility of zooming on or off , of inverting the image (effect mirror) and of freezing the image.



Images, better than words
Only a good understanding allows to put in confidence and to reassure the patient. Image remains the universal language of the communication. 80 % of the information passes by the image. That is why we designed ELIO. By showing in greatest detail, you offer to your patients the possibility of including and participating actively in your diagnosis. A better informed patient is a more made sensitive,more reassured patient: a real positive partnership.
Even better than an intra-oral camera ELIO allows you to keep your free hands and make your diagnostic while communicating with your patient.So he may follow your intervention in an active way on the LUXIMA screen or on any other screen, your advice and your recommendations. You can then easily:
• comment your intervention and treatment l
• take preventive action • reassure and inform l
De asemenea, ELIO facilitează schimburile dvs. cu colegii și corespondenții. Îi puteți invita să vă monitorizeze diagnosticul sau intervenția prin internet în modul „live”. ELIO also facilitates your exchanges with your colleagues and correspondents. You can invite them to follow your diagnosis or intervention via internet in“ live”. Also you can correspond, via internet, with your prosthetists or the other auxiliaries (aids, assistants) to purposes them an advice or a follow-up.From their screen they may provide help to others without moving to your office.
You also can provide advices while travelling, and if necessary, to your young staff by displaying pictures on your Smartphone.



Thanks to the ELIO’s autonomous camera you can make your diagnostic and your care by looking at the monitor screen avoiding uneasy and tiring works postures. ELIO contributes to minimize the musculo-scrawny disorders.

Your assistant will perfectly follow your intervention
With ELIO your assistant can follow your work on a screen and be more aware on what you will require during the forthcoming sequences of your intervention.

Visual help
With an enlargement capacity of 40x, ELIO is an extremely relevant tool especially for the filming in the restrictive access places of centred and especially to visualize (display) channels (canals) during not an endodontique treatment(processing); a real alternative to the traditional dental microscope.



A training tool for reference
ELIO offers you the possibility of setting up your trainings on a very simple way. You can, for instance, broadcast your live interventions from your unit of care on a screen or on a video projector in a training room whether located on site or all around the world.
In universities ELIO belongs to the most up to date educational tools.While it is impossible to show to a group of students the extraction of a molar for example, everything becomes possible with ELIO. The practical presentation can be broadcasted live in a lecture hall where students can attend the live class and discover up to the slightest details.

Film and edit your movies
Elio is the unique and the essential dental tool for recording your interventions. By means of the video converter ELIO can be linked to a computer PC or Mac. The video sequences are stored in readable sizes by all kind of video equipment.The user can edit, add text, sound and use his movies in a purpose of training, communication and others.




  • White natural day light: 6.000-6.500°K ±5%
  • Good reproduction of colors: 80%
  • Adjustable light Intensity until 55.000 Luxes
  • No shadows carried
  • Completely tight and waterproof for an optimal asepsis
  • Absence of UV radiation and no extra heat contribution
  • Without fan and noiseless
  • Source : 2LED x 3,15W, Consumption 9,45W
  • Life expectancy of 55.000 heures
  • Energy supply 110-220V, autonomous stabilized converter


  • Camera Autofocus
  • Lens: zoom 40x
  • Considerable depth of field
  • System: NTSC / PAL
  • Number of pixels: 795 (H) x 596(V)
  • Resolution (TV Lines): 550 lines TV
  • Horizontal field of vision: 48° to 2,8°
  • Low need of illumination: 0,7 lux
  • White balance : automatic, indoor, outdoor
  • Video outputs: RCA
  • Power waste: 6 – 12 Vcc, 3,3 W

Whole set

  • Dimensions of the head: 272x80x146mm (without handles)
  • Scale of the arm: 1.470 mm
  • Weight of the head: 1,75 kg
  • Weight of the arm: 6,90 kg
  • Diameter of axis: 35 mm
  • Color RAL 9016
  • Foldaway handles
  • The set is delivered with arms
  • Warranty 1 year

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