Elio SC

LED surgery lightning!

Elio SC

constitutes a spectacular alternative to the traditional lightings in surgery rooms.


Referring to the most up to date technologies in the field of LED lighting, ELIO SC offers a large range of advantages comparatively to the conventional halogen lightings. Equipped with an extremely successful optical system, ELIO allows to create optimal working conditions for the most demanding interventions.

Developing more than 80.000 luxes, ELIO SC is particularly dedicated to the most delicate interventions such as the surgery and the installation of implants and constitutes a spectacular alternative to the traditional lightings in surgery rooms.




– unit axes 35 mm
– unit axes 30 mm
– unit axes 28 mm
– unit axes 25 mm

– ceiling
– ceiling with column
– ceiling with column and monitor arm
– mobile

Mobile arm length

– standard
– long arm 170 cm


This new generation ELIO is the result of a rigorous approach in search of perfection. It embodies the success of a design worthy of the EKLER tradition and in accordance with our K-Design protocol. Curved lines, smooth surface, hermetic assembly and so many other advances have carefully studied to offer you a unique product. This new design raises even higher the requirements in terms of hygiene and aseptic.

Witnessing this success is the ease of use that ELIO offers practitioners. Despite the technological complexity this product gives another dimension to the simplicity and the playful side. The variation of the light is integrated on the practitioner side and the assistant side. For better hygiene the variation is made without contact by infrared cells. It is enough to approach the fact that the variation of the light takes place. The light level is displayed on the arc depending on the setting.

Perfectly combined with ergonomics and performance, this original set can be installed in place of any other lighting and any equipment. Different axle diameters are available to fit any equipment. Other accessories can be supplied for ceiling, wall or mobile installation.

For communication and user-friendliness ELIO SC is equipped with a mirror allowing the practitioner to show the patient the result of the care The head benefits from movements on all three dimensions. By simple rotation you can get all possible positions on the three axes allowing you to position the lighting in the most ergonomic position for you.




  • White natural day light: 6.000°K
  • Good reproduction of colors: 80%
  • Adjustable ght Intensity until 52.000 Luxes
  • No shadows carried
  • Completely tight and waterproof for an optimal asepsis
  • Absence of UV radiation and no extra heat contribution
  • Without fan and noiseless
  • Source: 2LED x 6W, Consumption 12W
  • Life expectancy of 50.000 heures
  • Energy supply 110-220V, autonomous stabized converter

Whole set

  • Dimensions of the head: 272x80x146mm (without handles)
  • Scale of the arm: 1.470 mm
  • Weight of the head: 1,75 kg
  • Weight of the arm: 6,90 kg
  • Diameter of axis: 35 mm
  • Color RAL 9016
  • Foldaway handles
  • The set is delivered with arms
  • Warranty 1 year

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