Astra led

LED medical lightning

Astra LED

Innovative LED lighting system.

LED medical lightning

Be able to create a completely new product that allows you to put a different perspective on the lighting; this is the spirit that inspired us to design ASTRA’LED.

The result is just waiting to be contemplated. An entirely new style that combines aesthetics and functionality.

Concave form




When innovation enlightens us

With its innovative LED lighting system, ASTRA’LED opens a new avenue in the dental lighting field. LED technology provide a bright light and low power consumption.

More performance than material, with a little imagination anything is possible and ASTRA’LED perfectly assimilates this concept.

A high performance lighting with a low power consumption: a revolution!



Brightness 18000 lumens, 4500Lux at 1m l

CRI 90%

Color Temperature 6.500°K

Lifespan 50.000 hours

Variable Brightness with remote control

Power supply 230 Vca, 50 Hz

Maximum Power Consumption 190 W

Performance sup 90%

Dimension 1200*600*30mm. Weight 5kg

Complies with DIN 67505 standards – EN 12464-1



It is the function that determines the shape

With ASTRA’LED, EKLER pushes even further the codes established by dental lighting and creates the new style. Its 3D shape gives birth to a new kind of lighting. ASTRA’LED do without all the usual constraints.

Lovers of fine lines will be delighted: it’s pure, curved lines embody very advanced skills in design, worthy of the best designers.




An advanced technology
Perfection, is the combination of a multitude of details, jointed together at the right time. Nothing is left to chance and you will not get tired discovering all the little thoughtful details. Generous light, dimmable and surrounded by a blue halo, provides an unmatched comfort at work. According to medical standards it delivers daylight 6500 ° K (Standard Illuminant D65) with a color rendering index greater than 90%. A very homogeneous light emitted by thousands of small LED which life lasted beyond 50,000 hours. Connected directly to 220V, it does not burden you with transformers and other external power.


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